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Tippecanoe Valley High School Hosts IHSAA Boys Basketball Sectional

This week, our school has the pleasure of hosting the boys' basketball sectional, with a schedule of games as follows:

- Tuesday, February 27th: Game 1 at 7:00pm (CMA vs. Glenn)
- Friday, March 1st: Game 2 and 3 at 6:30pm/8:30pm (Valley vs. Knox) and (Bremen vs. Winner G1)
- Saturday, March 2nd: Game 4 at 7:00pm Championship (G2 vs. G3 Winner)

Please note that All-Sport passes are not valid for this event, and everyone, including those employed within our corporation, must pay. Ticket prices are set by the IHSAA, with All-Session tickets at $15.00, Single Session tickets at $7.00, and free admission for preschoolers.

Digital ticketing is available at the provided link, but there will also be a cash option at the gate. https://ihsaa.eventlink.com/Tickets

There will be no reserved seating. A section of seats will be assigned for each participating school on each night of the tournament. Each school will be allowed to sit behind their school’s bench and/or across the court in FRONT of their school’s bench. Gates will open 1 hour prior to the start of the 1st game of the evening. Early arrivals will not be permitted into the gym before then.

A. No publications, brochures, fliers, etc. of any kind, whether for sale or free-of-charge, are to be distributed at IHSAA tournament events without prior approval from the IHSAA.
B. Balloons, signs, banners and/or posters, etc. are not permitted at any venue during the tournament series.
C. Noisemakers are not permitted. This includes, but is not limited to cowbells, air horns, "thundersticks", clapping devices, etc.
D. The use of bands at IHSAA tourneys is not permitted.
E. No live animal mascots are permitted.
F. Line-up lanes of fans shall not be permitted in the competition area at any time.

Last but not least, please help make sure if you come with children that they are not running around in the commons or around the school. We will have security and ushers to help police this.
Book Swap

Come Swap Your Pre-Loved Books!

TVSC Schools believe that every student deserves access to the highest quality books and are committed to providing the most wholesome resources possible. In pursuit of this objective, we plan to partner with a different book fair provider for our elementary and middle school buildings in the Fall. Unfortunately, we were unable to secure a March booking, so we will not be hosting a book fair during the upcoming Parent/Teacher conferences, but we will have a school wide One Book Read event scheduled. Students can participate in activities involving the book The Quiltmaker's Gift. All school libraries will have Community Quilts on display, and Redeemer Lutheran Church has kindly donated a quilt throw in each building to be given away. We will also be organizing a book swap for students during parent-teacher conferences in the library, where students can bring a gently used book to donate and take a "new" gently used book home with them. The library will be open during conferences. We invite you to come by and join us; we would love to see you. Rest assured; we will have a book fair for student's again next fall.

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Principal's Message

Welcome back, Vikings! I am beyond honored to be able to lead an exceptional group of students, staff, parents, and community members here at Valley. We strive to achieve a positive learning environment for all; one where students can learn and achieve at high levels. Every student who walks into Tippecanoe Valley High School is valued as a key member of our school community, otherwise referred to as our ‘Valley Family’.

At TVHS, we are committed to offering a differentiated learning experience for ALL students. Our motto is that we, “Meet students where they are, and take them where they want, or need, to be.” We support a culture where every student has opportunities to explore their passions, get the additional help they need, and learn more than just an academic content.

One of our main instructional goals this school year will be to focus on a collective culture of ‘Empowerment’ through innovative classroom instruction. The authors of the book Empower say, “As teachers, leaders, and parents, we have the opportunity to be the guides of our kids’ education and unleash the creative potential of each and every student. In a world that is ever changing, our job is not to prepare students for something; instead, our role is to help students prepare themselves for anything.” Tippecanoe Valley High School will stay committed to inspiring innovation, providing authentic and relevant learning experiences, and empowering students to pursue their passions while at school.

We take great pride in creating the most supportive and welcoming school environment for students, yet we take even more proud in learning and accomplishing great things. We challenge our students to be great, today, tomorrow and beyond, just as our mission says we do.

The Tippecanoe Valley Vikings are set to sail in 2023-2024, in what will surely be the best school year yet! Go Vikings!
Go Vikings,

Mr. Brandon Kresca 

At A Glance

  • Valley Family Culture of Empowerment and Acceptance
  • Innovative, Student-Centered Instruction Collaborative classroom environments with Innovative Instruction
  • Quality Athletic Teams - Viking Strong 3A - Three Rivers Conference
  • StudentClubs/Activities for Student Involvement
  • Newly Expanded Agriculture Programming Reflects the Roots and Strengths of the Community
  • 1:1 Technology
Riley Children's Hospital - Red Wagon Designation

Riley Children's Hospital - Red Wagon Designation

Pumpkin chucking winners
a golfer smiles for the camera
volleyballer gets ready for the ball
A tennis player hits the ball
A student is thrown in the air.
A soccer player kicks the ball
A unified player gets a play from a coach
A students hits a zebra
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