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Driver's Education at Tippecanoe Valley High School

Welcome to the Tippecanoe Valley High School Driver's Education program! If your student is ready to begin their journey towards getting their driver's license, you're in the right place. Here’s how you can get started:

  1. Choose an Online Drivers Education Course: There are several affordable online options available, typically around $25. Search for Indiana Online Drivers Education Courses and enroll in the online portion ONLY.

  2. Complete the Online Course: After finishing the online course, make sure your student prints off three certificates of completion.

  3. Prepare the Required Documents:

    • One certificate of completion from the online course.
    • Completed registration form (attached to the website).
    • Payment for the driving portion of the course: $255 (or $280 if opting for the Waiver test). Make checks payable to TVHS.
  4. Submit Documents to Mr. Luce: Bring or email the documents and payment to Mr. Luce. He will provide a CDE Form needed to obtain the learner's permit.

  5. Visit the BMV: Take the following documents to your local BMV:

    • CDE Form from Mr. Luce.
    • The second copy of your online course completion certificate.
    • Social Security Card.
    • Birth Certificate.
    • Two additional documents proving residency (must include physical address and student’s name).
        • One document can be the school transcript (A copy can be obtained through your high school guidance secretary Mrs. Owens at TVHS) 
        • You can find a list of what is acceptable HERE
  6. Complete BMV Requirements: At the BMV, your student will:

    • Take a vision test.
    • Pass a written test.
    • Receive their learner's permit.
  7. Notify Mr. Luce: Contact Mr. Luce immediately after receiving the learner's permit to schedule the initial driving sessions.

  8. Schedule Driving Lessons: Sign up for the six driving lessons, where each student drives for one hour in pairs. Notify Mr. Luce via email upon receiving the permit to receive the schedule.

Andy Luce 
Director of Driver’s Education