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Principal's Message

Welcome back to Tippecanoe Valley High School for the start of what will be a great 2021-2022 school year. I am beyond honored to be able to lead an exceptional group of students, staff, parents, and community members here at Valley. We strive to achieve a positive learning environment for all; one where students can learn and achieve at high levels. Every student who walks into Tippecanoe Valley High School is valued as a key member of our school community, otherwise referred to as our ‘Valley Family’.

At TVHS, we are committed to offering a differentiated learning experience for ALL students. Our motto is that we, “Meet students where they are, and take them where they want, or need to be.” We support a culture where every student has opportunities to explore their passions, get the additional help they need, and learn more than just an academic content. For example, Valley is determined to teach Social Emotional Learning strategies that students can apply in order to ensure they know how to live an extremely positive life.

One of our main instructional goals this school year will be to focus on a collective culture of ‘Empowerment’ through innovative classroom instruction. The authors of the book Empower say, “As teachers, leaders, and parents, we have the opportunity to be the guides of our kids’ education and unleash the creative potential of each and every student. In a world that is ever changing, our job is not to prepare students for something; instead, our role is to help students prepare themselves for anything.” Tippecanoe Valley High School will stay committed to inspiring innovation, providing authentic and relevant learning experiences, and empowering students to pursue their passions while at school.

It is our goal for all students to blossom during their four years at Tippecanoe Valley High School, and to be proud to be a Viking.

Go Vikings,

Mr. Brandon Kresca