Tippecanoe Valley High School Prepares to Celebrate the Class of 2024

Tippecanoe Valley High School is proud to announce the upcoming graduation ceremony for the Class of 2024, set to take place on Sunday, June 2nd. This momentous occasion will mark the culmination of years of hard work, dedication, and achievement for the graduating seniors.


The celebration will commence with the Baccalaureate ceremony at 2:00 pm, followed by the Commencement ceremony at 2:45 pm, both held in the Tippecanoe Valley High School Gymnasium. Family, friends, faculty, and staff will gather to honor and celebrate the remarkable accomplishments of the graduating class.


The Class of 2024 has chosen green and gold as their class colors, symbolizing growth, prosperity, and success. Additionally, the class flower, the marigold, serves as a representation of resilience, determination, and the brightness of the future that lies ahead for each graduate.


"We are immensely proud of the Class of 2024 and all they have achieved during their time at Tippecanoe Valley High School," said Brandon Kresca, Principal of Tippecanoe Valley High School. "Their hard work, perseverance, and dedication have truly made a lasting impact on our school community, and we look forward to celebrating their accomplishments as they embark on the next chapter of their lives."


The graduation ceremony will be a memorable event, filled with joy, reflection, and anticipation for the future. It will serve as a poignant reminder of the resilience and determination demonstrated by the Class of 2024, especially in the face of unprecedented challenges.


Tippecanoe Valley High School extends a warm invitation to family, friends, and the community to join us in celebrating the achievements of the Class of 2024. Together, let us honor their accomplishments and wish them continued success in all their future endeavors.


For more information about the Tippecanoe Valley High School graduation ceremony, please contact the TVHS Main Office at 574-598-2100.